Personal Trainer for your skin

Skin wellbeing goes beyond beauty.

As a Specialized Skin Care Technician:

My aim is to improve and heal skin conditions. I have never been much of a, "latest trend" person. I am more a "need concrete evidence" type. So, I continue to educate myself through ongoing education, training, research, reading, and follow leading esthetics pioneers who demonstrate product and technique knowledge that provide exceptional results. I apply this combined resourced information, learning, quality products, and my experiences to continuously develop my repertoire of therapies.

As your Specialized Skin Care Technician, no client receives the same skin treatment or at-home therapy. Your cabin treatment and at-home care prescription are your own, based on your needs and skincare goals.

Clients will achieve successful and long-term results by following the homecare routine, using the professional products prescribed to successfully attain their beautiful, healthy skin goal(s). For some, it may seem complicated. No worries, I will go over every step with you first and when you leave you will have a step-by-step chart to take home and I am available for questions in between appointments by email.

You must look at the process as an investment in yourself with your commitment. Just like an athlete who enlists a Personal Trainer.

When it comes to the price for the prescribed home care skincare products, your budget is important to me. With three highly effective cosmeceuticals product lines, the volume and results value outweighs products from the big store chains. We will work together to meet your healthy skin goal and budget.

I celebrate natural beauty through healthy skin and am passionate about successful results. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

During our consultation, we will review health, lifestyle, and skin issues and your objective to which an outline will be provided. Your paid fee for the Consultation will be applied to your first fully paid Beyond service thereafter.

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I hope this information helped and that I will have a further opportunity to assist you.


Christine Beyond

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